The new 27” high-end graphics monitors

For the highest demands in photography, video and image editing:
the ColorEdge CG2700S in 2.5K resolution and the ColorEdge CG2700X in 4K resolution.

These flagship models boast a connector system with 92 watts of charging power, a LAN port, a built-in calibration sensor, and outstanding image quality.

Advantages of EIZO graphic monitors

Ideal combination of large colour gamut and highest precision

In order to be able to use the entire colour spectrum of modern cameras, you need a monitor that covers as large a colour space as possible. Otherwise, visual assessment and editing of the saturated colour tones contained in the file are not possible. That's why the IPS panel of our ColorEdge monitors covers large photo colour spaces such as AdobeRGB as well as the CMYK print colour space ISO-Coated V2. This means that the full colour spectrum of modern cameras is displayed unaltered and without gaps. And a precise simulation of the print result in the softproof view is also guaranteed.

Fast, simple and lossless calibration without compromise

To ensure that a monitor always displays the same file in the same way throughout its entire service life, regular calibration is indispensable. All ColorEdge monitors use the lossless hardware calibration method for this purpose. Unlike software calibration, where there is always a risk of loss in display quality, hardware calibration not only creates a correction profile for the graphics card, but also calibrates the LUT (Look-Up-Table) of the monitor. In combination with the easy-to-use, free calibration software ColorNavigator from EIZO, a ColorEdge monitor can be corrected very easily and without loss.

Ready for use Out of the Box - Perfectly calibrated

To ensure that a ColorEdge is ready for use straight out of the box, each individual ColorEdge monitor is individually measured and optimally adjusted at the factory. For this purpose, the gamma curves of the red, green and blue channels are closely checked and, if necessary, corrected.

This unique EIZO factory calibration allows the user to use the monitor with the preset colour spaces straight out of the box. This elaborate factory calibration is also the reason why the recalibration with ColorNavigator by the user goes so quickly.

Long live your monitor

Our warranty is based on a simple success principle – producing innovative monitor technology with first-class materials. Our in-house production, high-end materials, ongoing research and further development, as well as painstaking quality controls allow us to provide a five-year warranty for our monitors, including an on-site replacement service – that’s up to three years more than is offered by other brands.

As a result, you are guaranteed zero repair costs and the associated follow-up costs that would accrue in the first five years. Five-year, hassle-free warranty.

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