EIZO’s corporate philosophy is “Through the pursuit of imaging solutions with advanced technologies, we enrich people in their professional and personal lives.” The EIZO Group Code of Conduct is being regarded as EIZO’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to achieve this goal. EIZO has incorporated the Environmental Consideration Category in its mid-term CSR goals to reflect the importance that EIZO regards environmental efforts.

Category Mid-Term Goals
Environmental consideration

Accelerate the pace of reducing environmental impact

•    Products: Industry-leading environmentally responsible development
•    Operations: By fiscal year 2030, reduce CO2 emissions by 50% compared to fiscal year 2017
Society (Stakeholders)

•   Promote CSR in a concerted effort throughout the supply chain
•   Create a working environment that enables everyone to work with vigor

Business model Contribute to society based on new values created through Imaging Chain Innovation

In April 2020, EIZO converted 10% of the electricity usage at its main manufacturing sites, approximately 9.21 million kWh, to green electricity, making it one of the more effective measures in meeting EIZO’s CO2 reduction target. Furthermore, EIZO raised its green electricity usage to 50% of its total consumption in October of the same year. This resulted in reduced annual CO2 emission from its main manufacturing sites by approximately 3,100t-CO2 (55% less than fiscal year 2017). These measures will allow EIZO to meet its target as early as fiscal year 2021.

EIZO group companies worldwide have also accelerated their adoption of green electricity. EIZO Technologies GmbH (Geretsried, Germany), dedicated to the development and production of solutions for air traffic control and industrial markets, addressed environmental efficiency with the relocation to a new factory which will run 100% on green electricity starting January 2021.

In response to the expectation of reaching its CO2 emission reduction targets early, EIZO revised its goals to achieve Zero-CO2 emission by fiscal year 2040. The entire EIZO group aims to further enhance its environmental efforts, and make substantial contributions to a prosperous and sustainable future society.

New goals for CO2 emissions reduction

Fiscal year 2030: Reduce CO2 emissions by 70% compared to fiscal year 2017

Fiscal year 2040: Achieve Zero-CO2

EIZO Sustainable Development Goals
Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

Corporate social responsibility has played an important role for EIZO for decades, because we take our company's responsibility for society and the environment seriously.

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