Different approaches - one goal: reliability

Absolute naturalness, perfect skin tones, black-and-white images, creative alienation, composings, all the way to image worlds created entirely on a PC - the approaches to photographic content are as diverse as the photographic themes are varied. The same applies to the users: some pursue photography professionally, others in their free time. This says little about creativity and professional standards.

As diverse as the areas of application, users and demands on a monitor for photography, image processing and retouching are, in the end the expectation is always the same: absolute precision in the display of images on the monitor.

Maximum precision: the perfect view of the image file

"What you see is what you get" is the claim that a graphics monitor for demanding creatives must fulfil. The monitor should guarantee an absolutely precise view of the image file. EIZO does everything to ensure that the monitor does its job as unnoticeably and precisely as possible, so that users can concentrate fully on the creative aspects of their work.

To meet this demand, ColorEdge graphic monitors by EIZO have numerous features: high-quality panels with a large colour space, a highly precise factory calibration, homogeneous image display across the entire display surface and loss-free hardware calibration. These are just the most important features that make ColorEdge monitors the valued centrepiece of the digital darkroom of countless photographers, image editors and retouchers.

From the multi to the all-rounder

The wide ColorEdge line-up covers the diverse needs of a wide range of creative professionals. This means that everyone can find their ideal ColorEdge model that exactly fits their own requirements in terms of equipment, size and, last but not least, budget.

The ColorEdge model range is divided into two series: the CS series and the CG series.
The CS series offers the demanding user the perfect basis for professional work. A monitor from the CG series goes one step further. It is the full professional and offers the maximum in comfort, performance and equipment. This means it meets the highest demands.

ColorEdge CS

CS Series: Basic monitors for professional demands

For all creatives who demand absolute accuracy, the CS series is exactly the right solution.

ColorEdge CG

CG Series: High-end monitors for the highest demands

The latest technology, the most innovative features, the best equipment. In addition to the features of the CS series, the monitors of the CG series have additional features that catapult them into the absolute high-end league of graphics monitors.

  1. Large colour space
  2. 16-bit LUT for greatest colour depth
  3. 10 bit colour representation
  4. Homogeneous image representation through Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE)
  5. EIZO Factory Calibration
  6. Calibration software ColorNavigator included
  7. Light protection bonnet optional
  1. All features of the CS series
  2. Integrated sensor for automatic self-calibration
  3. Richer depths and higher contrasts thanks to True Black Display
  4. Light protection bonnet included

EIZO supports the Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie e.V. (Society for Nature Photography). (GDT), one of the largest organisations for nature photography worldwide, as a supporting member.

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EIZO supports the BFF Berufsverband Freier Fotografen und Filmgestalter e.V. as a BFF Competence Partner.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Programme

EIZO works closely with professional photographers, filmmakers and other creative professionals to gain valuable input from the field.

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