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CG319X: Monitor with 4K DCI resolution

If you are working in post-production, you will often be working in large project teams. Through close exchanges with colleagues and external partners, you can breathe life into your clients' projects. That means it is particularly important that all colours, grey scales, and contrasts can be displayed uniformly on all of the project team's monitors exactly how it is supposed to look later for viewers.

Monitors used in post-production should have a wide gamut and reproduce standards such as Rec709 and DCI. A high contrast ratio and illustrated keys so that you can work conveniently in the darkened studio are just as vital.

What post-production needs:

  1. Wide gamut
  2. Absolute colour fidelity thanks to precise colour display
  3. High resolution up to 4K DCI
  4. Large screen sizes
  5. 3D LUT and 3D film LUT emulation
  6. Deep blacks
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